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The Best Place for Fun - Defuse the Bomb Walkthrough


Defuse the Bomb Walkthrough:


  • Pick up the paper clip behind the box

  • Turn over carpet

  • Pick up scissors from under the bench

  • Pick up wooden pole

  • Pick up blue and yellow jig saw parts

  • Pick up the keys from under the teapot and then open the toolbox and pick up the hammer

  • Use the hammer to smash the carpet to open the secret storage area

  • Click on the wooden pole and the paperclip to make a hook, then use it to grab the bomb and remove it from the storage area and place it on the floor

  • Go to the view of the toolbox (not the close up view) and click on the middle edge of the shelf

  • Now click on the 3 jig saw puzzle parts and they will form a rectangle and also reveal 4 colored buttons....this gives you the order in which to cut the bomb's wires

  • Use the scissors to cut the blue, red, green and then yellow wires








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