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The Concert Murder Mystery


 Jane Doe's body lay beside her Toyota sedan in the driveway of the apartment house where she lived.  She had been killed at 7:30 P.M., about 30 minutes before she was due to perform at a concert that was to start at 8 P.M.

 Jane had been shot twice.  The first bullet pierced her left thigh, leaving a large bloodstain on her dark sheath skirt.  The second bullet had gone right into her heart, leaving a dark red bloodstain on her white blouse.

 Inside her Toyota was her cello.

 The police took statements from three people.

 Her landlord, Mr. Brown, who found the body, said Jane had decided to attend the concert but not play in it, because she had been disgruntled with an overly aggressive suitor.  Charles Drake was his name and he was also in the orchestra.  Jane had not practiced her cello or even taken it from her car in days.

 Charles Drake insisted that he and Jane had patched up their romance and that she told him that she would play at the concert.  She said she would pick him up at 7:40 P.M. and they would drive together, as they always did, to the auditorium.  He waited and waited for her to arrive, but she never did.

 Bernard Landstein, the conductor, said that the women members of the orchestra wore dark skirts and white blouses to perform and the men wore black pants and white jackets, although minor style details were optional.  Orchestra members dressed at home.  He said that Jane, if she decided to play, would have been able to perform well, even without practice, because this was to be a repeat of a previous performance.

 After reviewing all three statements, the lead detective was able to determine who was lying.

 How did he know someone was lying and who was it?












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