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Food/Drink Quiz


1) Red Stripe beer is originally from which country?
a) Cuba
b) Malta
c) Jamaica
d) Germany

2) If a dish is a la Florentine, which ingredient is it assumed to have?
a) Fish
b) Chicken
c) Broccoli
d) Spinach

3) What is added to wine to make Port?
a) Brandy
b) Scotch
c) Gin
d) Whiskey

4) Which vegetable would you be eating if you ordered 'aloo' in an Indian restaurant?
a) Potato
b) Bean
c) Corn
d) Cauliflower

5) Which food crop is attacked by the Colorado Beetle?
a) Corn
b) Wheat
c) Potato
d) Apple

6) Which restaurant chain owner said 'We're not in the hamburger business, we're in show business'?
a) The owner of Hardee's
b) The owner of Wendy's
c) The owner of Burger King
d) The owner of MacDonald's

7) If, in a bar, you were given a Mickey Finn, what would you have?
a) A scotch and soda
b) A drugged drink
c) A non alcoholic drink
d) A drink containing 3 types of liquor

8) Who uses the slogan 'The champagne of beers'?
a) Coors
b) Budweiser
c) Miller
d) Pilsner

9) What is wrapped in bacon to make the dish "Angels on Horseback"?
a) An oyster
b) A lobster
c) A shrimp
d) A clam

10) What is the name of the culinary knife cut in which a food item is cut into long thin strips?
a) Brunoise
b) Julienne
c) Allumette
d) Batonnet

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