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General Knowledge Quiz


1) In which city is the headquarters of Greenpeace?
a) Geneva
b) Paris
c) Amsterdam
d) Oslo

2) According to the proverb, what is the mother of invention?
a) Inspiration
b) Need
c) Planning
d) Necessity

3) Who created the cartoon cat Garfield?
a) Jim Davis
b) Al Capp
c) Dean Young
d) Hank Katchem

4) Which organization's insignia bears the inscription Blood & Fire?
a) The Salvation Army
b) The Red Cross
c) The Peace Corps
d) The Boy Scouts

5) What did John Sutter start in 1848?
a) The Great Chicago Fire
b) The Building of Mount Rushmore
c) The California Gold Rush
d) The Construction of the Atlantic-Pacific Railroad

6) What does the distress signal SOS stand for?
a) Save our Souls
b) Save our Ship
c) Signal out to Sea
d) Nothing, it is only an easy combination of Morse letters (...---...)

7) Which is the largest denomination dollar bill issued today?
a) $50
b) $100
c) $500
d) $1000

8) Who made the first telephone call to the moon?
a) Ronald Reagan
b) George H. Bush
c) Richard Nixon
d) Gerald Ford

9) Which was the first credit card?
a) Diner's Club
b) American Express
c) Master Card
d) Visa

10) What is agliophobia?
a) Fear of open spaces
b) Fear of pain
c) Fear of wheat
d) Fear of money

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