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Literature Quiz


1) How many circles of hell does Virgil guide the author through in Dante's Inferno?
a) Nine
b) Eight
c) Seven
d) Six

2) In which country is the home port of the fisherman in Hemingway's 'The Old Man and the Sea'?
a) Greece
b) Portugal
c) Cuba
d) Spain

3) How many lines are there in a sonnet?
a) Fourteen
b) Sixteen
c) Eighteen
d) Twenty

4) What is the last word in the New Testament?
a) Peace
b) Amen
c) Love
d) Jesus

5) In George Orwell's novel '1984', what is 'Airstrip One'?
a) Big Brother
b) Think speak
c) A crime
d) Britain

6) Which book tells the story of the Joad family going to California during the Depression?
a) The Red Pony
b) The Grapes of Wrath
c) The Covered Wagon
d) The Great Depression

7) Which famous children's book character was created by Michael Bond?
a) Paddington Bear
b) Winnie the Pooh
c) The Velveteen Rabbit
d) Curious George

8) Which book, published in 1816, was subtitled 'The Modern Prometheus'?
a) Dracula
b) Frankenstein
c) Superman
d) Fahrenheit 451

9) Which 1971 novel written by William Peter Blatty was turned into a classic horror film?
a) Nightmare on Elm Street
b) Psycho
c) The Exorcist
d) Alien

10) In "The Taming of the Shrew", what was the name of the girl known as the shrew?
a) Pat (Patricia)
b) Kate (Katherine)
c) Maggie (Margaret)
d) Sue (Susan)

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