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Science & Technology Quiz


1) In biology, what is symbiosis?
a) Living together of parasitic organisms
b) Living together of fungal organisms
c) Living together of like organisms
d) Living together of unlike organisms

2) What was the Wright Brother's first successful airplane called?
a) Flyer
b) The Spirit of St. Louis
c) Hawk
d) Plane

3) What in radio does AM stand for?
a) Applied Morning
b) Amplitude Modulation
c) American Meridian
d) Affected Middle

4) What is the three-dimensional image created with laser beams called?
a) Radium
b) Prism
c) Hologram
d) Plasma

5) Which planet in our solar system has an orbital period of 687 days?
a) Mars
b) Venus
c) Saturn
d) Neptune

6) How many astronauts crewed the Mercury series of spacecraft?
a) Four
b) Three
c) Two
d) One

7) What color is the 'Black Box' found in commercial planes?
a) Black
b) Orange
c) Blue
d) Red

8) What is measured in Amperes?
a) Musical notes
b) Sound waves
c) Electric current
d) Digital signal strength

9) Where, in a household, would you find a magnetron?
a) In a digital TV
b) In the electrical panel
c) In a microwave oven
d) In a computer

10) Which crop is attacked by the boll weevil?
a) Cotton
b) Tobacco
c) Potato
d) Wheat

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