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TV/Movies Quiz


1) Which three words appear on the helmet in the poster for Stanley Kubrik's 1987 film 'Full Metal Jacket'?
a) Death to all
b) Born to kill
c) Bite the bullet
d) Blood and guts

2) Which actress fell overboard in the 1987 film 'Overboard'?
a) Goldie Hawn
b) Glenn Close
c) Sandra Bullock
d) Diane Keaton

3) In which film does a cabaret singer on the run from the Mafia end up training a choir of nuns?
a) A Shot in the Dark
b) The Godfather
c) Analyze This
d) Sister Act

4) Which is Homer Simpson's regular beer?
a) Core
b) Duff
c) Flog
d) Pale

5) Who was Mrs. Robinson in the film 'The Graduate'?
a) Angela Lansbury
b) Bette Davis
c) Ann Bancroft
d) Joan Crawford

6) What was the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz looking for?
a) A brain
b) Courage
c) A heart
d) Strength

7) What grape variety is favored by the main character in 'Sideways'?
a) Pinot Noir
b) Chardonnay
c) Merlot
d) White Zinfandel

8) Which band sing the theme tune to Friends?
a) The Ramones
b) Hanson
c) The Backstreet Boys
d) The Rembrandts

9) Who provided the voice of Jessica Rabbit in 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'?
a) Kathleen Turner
b) Sandra Bullock
c) Jessica Lang
d) Cybil Sheppard

10) In which film does Robert de Niro play the role of Travis Bickle?
a) Meet the Fockers
b) The Godfather
c) Goodfellas
d) Taxi Driver

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