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Years ago, a riddle was developed which has caused many people to ponder for its solution.  We are not certain as to the origin of this riddle.

The problem with the "GRY" riddle is that there are many versions circulating and some versions have been mutilated and re-worded so much that they cannot be answered.  There is just no correct answer to these versions - and rightly so, seeing as how they are not the correct version!

Below, in our opinion, is the correct and original version of the "GRY" riddle:



"Think of words ending in - GRY.  Angry and hungry are two of them.  There are only three words in the English language.  What is the third word?  The word is something that everyone uses every day.  If you have listened carefully, I have already told you what it is."



To understand the "GRY" riddle, you need to accept that riddles are simply brain teasers using word tricks.  A riddle usually involves a trick in the wording or usage of words in the riddle.  A riddle is not generally answered facts found in books.  Also, a riddle often uses misdirection - some of the words are there to mislead you to thinking about something else.  Now that you have the basis for solving the riddle, do your best and then click below for the solution and explanation.












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