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OK, now let's take this riddle apart and solve it as a riddle. Remember, that a riddle has a trick with the words or usage of the words.  The trick in this puzzle is misdirection.  There are words here that are meant to mislead you and they do just that.  The first two sentences in the puzzle have nothing to do with the question being asked: "

Think of words ending in -GRY.  Angry and hungry are two of them."

Ignore these two sentences.  They are there to mislead and distract you.  Works doesn't it???  Now, what is left is the "meat" of the riddle:

"There are only three words in the English language.  What is the third word?  The word is something that everyone uses every day.  If you have listened carefully, I have already told you what it is."

In the phrase, the English language, the third word is simply the word 'language'.  There you have it!!  Get it? 'Language' is definitely something that everyone uses every day, and in the phrase, "the English language" it's the third word!  OK, now you're saying, "That can't be it; too easy!!"  But remember what a riddle is and that the "GRY" riddle is a riddle - NOT a trivia question.  "Ok", you're saying, "But that is really stupid!"  Hey, we didn't write this riddle - but we do believe that we have the solution, stupid or not!  We don't have actual statistics, but we can say that the "GRY" riddle has really gotten around over the last twenty years or so and we get MANY requests for the solution.  As is the case with riddles, you need to listen or read them carefully before solving and before passing them along. Somehow, the "GRY" riddle got really distorted - hopefully this explanation will help and satisfy all of you who have been racking your brains for the answer!


By the way, there really are words in the English language that end in -GRY.  However, they are definitely obscure and to most of us unknown and rarely used.  When have you used or even heard bowgry, hogry, hangry or aggry in everyday circumstances? (Remember the riddle clearly states that the answer is something used every day by everyone.)  So forget about using any of those obscure words!  Instead, start repeating the riddle in its correct version and be happy that you now know the solution!






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