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The facts in this riddle are clear:  There is an initial $30 charge.  It should have been $25, so $5 must be returned and accounted for.  $3 is given to the 3 friends, $2 is kept by the bellhop - there you have the $5.  The trick to this riddle is that the addition and subtraction are done in a way that misdirects your thinking - and quite successfully for most.  Each of the 3 friends did indeed pay $9, not $10, and as far as the friends are concerned, they paid $27 for the night.  But we know that the clerk will tell us that they were charged only $25 and when you add the $3 returned with the $2 kept by the bellhop, you come up with $30.  And so, the real solution is: there never really was a missing dollar!!










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