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Here is a short quiz designed for fun -- do not feel stupid if you don't score well, REMEMBER, IT'S JUST FOR FUN.


Make a quick copy of the diagram pictured below ( it doesn't have to be exact, just fairly accurate, ) for the first 4 parts of this test.


idiot test picture


Part 1:  Circle the biggest circle.


Part 2:  Circle the biggest X.


Part 3:  See the house?   It is the purple house.  The purple house is one story and every thing in it is purple.  The doors are purple, the sofa is purple, the refrigerator is purple (go on as long as you like) now what color are the stairs?


Part 4:  See the picture of a tree in a park?  The park is located in the Northeastern United States.  It's mid-winter and there is a strong wind blowing in the direction indicated by the lines.  In which direction are the leaves being blown?


Part 5:  Copy the sets of dashes onto your piece of paper:   _     _     _     _     _

Now, using the 5 dashes as your bottom line guide, write the word idiot.


Part 6:  There is a plane traveling from New York to Canada at 300 MPH, but unfortunately just as it reaches the border between New York and Canada, it crashes into a mountain.  Where do they bury the survivors, in New York, or in Canada?


Part 7:  Standing in an open pasture are a Papa bull and a Baby bull, which member of the family is missing?


Part 8:  This part of the test involves numbers.  You're the driver of a bus. You stop on a corner and pick up 3 people.  At the second stop 2 people get off and 5 people get on.  At the next stop 7 people get on and 4 people get off.  At the fourth stop, 7 people get on and 6 people get off.  Finally, at the last stop, 3 people get on and 5 people get off.  How old is the bus driver?


Part 9:  Which is correct:  The white of an egg is yellow or the white of an egg are yellow.


Part 10:  How many members of each type of animal did Moses take on the ark?








Part 1.  The correct answer would be to circle the perimeter of the diagram as that is the biggest circle.


Part 2.  The right answer would be to circle the X that divides the diagram into four sections. This is the same idea as in section one.


Part 3.  The correct answer is: since the purple house is one story, there are no stairs!


Part 4.  The correct answer is they wouldn't be blown anywhere because it is winter and there are no leaves on the tree.


Part 5.  The correct answer is to have written ( using cursive ) the word idiot, not to have printed the word.


Part 6.  The correct answer is that survivors don't get buried, dead people do!!


Part 7.  The correct answer is the cow, there is no such animal as a Mama bull, it's called a cow.


Part 8.  The correct answer is whatever age you are, because you are the bus driver.


Part 9.  The correct answer is neither.  The white of an egg is white, not yellow.


Part 10.  The correct answer is none.  Moses didn't bring any animals onto the ark, it was Noah.






Each part is worth 10 percent.  Add the parts you got wrong (example, 2 parts would be 20% idiot), then check your rating below.


0%  Idiot:  You must have cheated
10% - 30% Idiot:  About average
40% - 60% Idiot:  Did you miss your morning coffee
70% - 90% Idiot:  Are you sure you're awake
100% Idiot:  Hey, as long as you did your best








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